Dear MB,

Dear MB, I’ve wanted to write you a letter for so long, but every time I’ve sat down to do it, I’ve either become distracted or I can’t seem to put the words that I truly wanted to write down onto paper. Two and a half years ago I packed up my things and left […]

We Hold The Future

We Hold the Future. As nannies we hold the future. I know… deep, right? I’m serious though. We truly hold the future. Every day we wake up, go to work and hold the future. We hold future activists, lawyers, presidents, mothers, fathers, nurses, doctors, teachers, and leaders of all kind. The children we invest in every day have so much value and we […]

Love, Honor & Nanny

I’ve always prided myself on being the best Military spouse I can be. My husband and I have literally been together since he started his career in the Navy, so I’ve done everything from writing letters daily in boot-camp, to volunteering on his FRG, to losing 50lbs while he was deployed so we could have […]