We Hold The Future

We Hold the Future. As nannies we hold the future. I know… deep, right? I’m serious though. We truly hold the future. Every day we wake up, go to work and hold the future. We hold future activists, lawyers, presidents, mothers, fathers, nurses, doctors, teachers, and leaders of all kind. The children we invest in every day have so much value and we […]

Love, Honor & Nanny

I’ve always prided myself on being the best Military spouse I can be. My husband and I have literally been together since he started his career in the Navy, so I’ve done everything from writing letters daily in boot-camp, to volunteering on his FRG, to losing 50lbs while he was deployed so we could have […]

Speaking Up

Nobody ever said co-parenting was easy. When you are a Nanny, you are in a sense co-parenting with your Nanny Family. Together, you are working to take care of the child(ren); ensuring they are learning, happy, healthy and safe. Every Nanny schedule is different. Some Nannies work Monday through Friday from 7:00 am – 5:00pm. […]

Santa Nanny

I remember experiencing a little bit of anxiety when I Nannied and Christmas was rolling around. I was always stumped when it came to buying gifts for my Nanny Family. I would think, “What can I possibly give them that they don’t already have?” Over my 10 years of working as a Nanny, I feel […]

New York Nanny

Hello fellow Nannies! First of all, I would like to thank Marie for creating her nanny blog. I know that personally some days I’m just not feeling creative enough and I can always look to The Nanny Love to help me out. Also, thank you so much for having me guest blog! Let me introduce […]